ZPR REIT Database
is a comprehensive database created for REIT universe analysis and decision-making. It covers all REITs including Real Estate Operations, Real Estate Development and Equity REITs from 12/31/1988 to today. As of 6/30/2011, there are over 14,000 companies, 59 to 212 per quarter, with a total of about 150 different data items on every REIT traded on the US exchanges (all types), and 50 proprietary variables and predictors that forecast the next quarter's performance on every REIT with a market cap over 100 million.

In the REIT Database, the quarterly REIT data set is divided into 3 universes:

  • Tier 1
  • Tier 2
  • Microcap

Microcap universe consists of all companies with their marketcap below 100 million. The rest of the companies are divided equally into Tier 1 and Tier 2 universes by total assets with Tier 1 companies having the largest total assets. Each quarter there is a separate set of "at the time" observations for each company in which you could have invested.

Database provides the following REIT indices:

  • Equity REIT Equal Weighted 
  • Tier 1 Equal Weighted 
  • Tier 2 Equal Weighted 
  • Development Equal Weighted 
  • Operations Equal Weighted
  • Development and Operations Equal Weighted
These are calculated using our REIT Database. For comparison, the database also contains the widely used NAREIT Equity and NAREIT Composite indices.

REIT Database Browser offers powerful search types of the REIT Database.